Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In defense of ... meal planning

My apologies to Michael Pollan.

When it comes to food, I like to keep things spontaneous. I often do not decide what's for dinner until late afternoon, until I get the "inspiration" - often when I only have a few minutes to prepare a meal. Being a quick cook and a vegetarian, I could get by with this until recently.

The arrival of a baby meant that creative meals everyday was not an option - in fact, it meant chaos - in addition to all the chaos that comes with a baby. The answer? Meal planning for weekdays. And leaving the creative menus for the weekends.

How life changes after baby!


  1. I could not agree more on the creative meals:) Great blog!!

  2. Nice post...I am like that too, sometimes not sure what to make until close to dinner time...thanks for visiting my blog...about the notes, sorry I seem to have missed it, I have added it now...I simply process Quaker 1 minute oats in my spice grinder until it turns into fine can use store bought oat flour too

  3. I need inspiration to cook too, and it so important to me, that days when I lack one, I end up not cooking at all and eating a simple omelette with left over dal and rice.